Audiocave is a medium sized Album and post production recording studio specialising in radio and TV production for the advertising industry .situated in Woodmead Johannesburg, We provide a state-of-the-art studio setup , We're passionate about client service and getting it right the first time. Our studio is fitted with the latest audio production tools including the internationally recognised Avid Pro-Tools HD hardware and an array of world class equipment and audio plug-ins to compliment it. Our main studio has an acoustically treated voice booth and a selection of amazing microphones and Pre amps.





Recording Equipment

Audiocave Studio Rates

Pro tools Hd 2 System with 192 breakout box.
Amek Tac Scorpion 24:16:2 console with Upgraded pre amps
Spendor SA500 Monitors
KRK Monitors
Shure SM57
Shure Beta 57
Akg D112
Akg C1000
Audix D2 D4
All Plug ins
Presonus Central station
Miktek CV4 Mic
Miktek C7 Mic
Audiotecnica A3035


 Audio Final Mix TV
Audio Final Mix Radio
Long Form
Data Backup
Transfer of separate elements
Showreel & award entries
Music Search in Offline Suite
USB 2 gig
Radio Digital Delivery
Radio Station master
FTP/ Email
Mpeg Creation after session
Music Composition Pilot
R 1200 / Hour
R 1100 / Hour
R 800 / Hour
R 150 / Session
R 660 / Session
R 900 / Hour
R 650 / Hour
R 70 / Unit
R 65 / Unit
R 90 / Unit
R 65 per spot per station
R 200 / Unit
R 1.50 / 1Mb
R350 / 5
R 5000
Music Composition On quote Basis
All rates exclude VAT | All rates exclude VTR's.
Booking cancelled within less than 24 hours will be charged at 50%
Bookings cancelled within 12 hours will be charged at 100%, unless rescheduled by mutual agreement.