Powered Speaker Cable

Save your self time and effort by unrolling/Rolling one cable is stead of two.
For the band or DJ on the go "Time is Money" and set up and break down takes time make it easier by purchasing a noiseless power and signal cable in one cable. Over long runs more than one cable can be connected together for versatility.

Available Models

PSC05 5m with Working Man Connections R480,00
PSC10 10m with Working Man Connections R720,00
PSC20 20m with Working Man Connections R1 230,00
NUSS PSC 03 Studio Series 3m With Neutrik Connections R547,50
NUSS PSC 05 Studio Series 5m With Neutrik Connections R607,50
NUSS PSC 10 Studio Series 10m With Neutrik Connections R855,00
NUSS PSC 20 Studio Series20m With Neutrik Connections R1 320,00