DREi Micro
CABLE DREi is an passive cable with active DREi technology, which will increase the performance of the audio system, will optimize the connection between the components and will offer an outstanding musicality, crystal clear sound with excellent opening and three-dimensionality. A level of detail and an overwhelming silence. The total Synergy of system will be much more equilibrated, the CABLE DREi work in this regard is truly remarkable.
The extraordinary control it exerts on the total energy to be amplified allows higher SPL before clipping the audio system and the room. The benefits of the music signal are undeniable. Use these CABLE DREi  for line interconnection in complete audio system, and if you want even more.
Synergy control, you can install one of our external DeIntermodulators like Drei Micro or X-DREI, or even better a Multipreamplifier. Neutral Audio cables are built solidly, with High quality materials and hand made. Only for analogue line.
Price: 10,200.00 ZAR
DREi Micro Attenuates the harmful intermodulation produced between signals of different frequencies, produced in all elements of an audio system deteriorating the original pure musical signal. Apart from its additional interesting functions it allows maximum performance of the speaker system and  room, so allowing listening without listening fatigue and a more detailed perception of your favourite recordings
Price 9,800.00 ZAR
DREi PRO is Highly recommended for live sound. This has a wide range of applications in the professional world. This is a powerful tool to optimize the speakers and it will get the most out of your sound system, especially in concerts and clubs,  giving results that would have cost you many times more than its price changing your electronics and speakers. X-PRO DREi will always improve whatever system you have. As one audio professionals to another with no half-truths, its works. Try it at your next live concert and discover why we are "the next step in the audio industry."
Price: 11,000.00 ZAR